Topographic Model of East Puerto Rico
First post of June in Ponce and I give to you all progress to my study. There have been a few changes to my study. Resort Typologies instead of Resort Designs. At the same time the study will still attempt to find the relationship between the Resort Typologies to its urban fabric, but also to its local culture. Culture to a community is one of the most significant factors that define who you are, which is what I’ve noticed this past week.

Meetings with the Dean of The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture, Professor Javier de Jesus Martinez took place yesterday in his office regarding the structure of my study. In this meeting we spoke about entry to all resorts in the island of Puerto Rico being granted as well as contacting the developers and architects for a possible interview.  A  Press Release will also be issued in Puerto Rico in the following weeks regarding our studies. The support and tools of the school makes my study much more manageable. A big thanks to Javier and many of the other professors in the school who welcomed us with open arms.  Thank you.

Everybody in Ponce is very hospitable and has such a warm welcoming way of making the visitors of the island feel more like they belong and welcomed. In a way, they almost force you to feel welcomed. I’m starting to feel some attachment to this culture. 

- Edward L

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