Copamarina Beach & Spa Resort's Coastal Condition
A trip to document the south west side of Puerto Rico’s coastal conditions ended up being a lost long route with breaking into our own car and finally ended up in Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa. It was quite an adventure, but none the less a great experience.

Surprisingly, none of the major highways of Puerto Rico hugs the shoreline, which made it extremely difficult for the photo documentation to occur. There was a lot of wandering and pulling off to the side of the highway in order to take photos off the coast. In one pit stop, we manage to lock ourselves out by leaving the car keys inside the car. Luckily, we were in a little village where there coincidently was an ex-police officer who knew how to use a wire and pop open the door without damaging the power wires. After a few minutes, he managed to unlock the car and obtained the keys. I bought him a beer and decided to socialize with him and his friends in Guanica to learn more about their culture. As we departed, he gave us a few fresh mangoes as a sign of welcome to Guanica, telling us to visit him once again.

We were once again on our journey to document the coastal conditions when we meandered onto this mountainous route only to end up in Copamarina Beach & Spa Resort. They were very welcoming and allowed us to take pictures as well as access to the beach and pool. This resort is the first resort I’ve been to since the start of my study, but I must say that this resort was very isolated. It was hidden in the middle of this mountainous highway that somehow has one of the most gorgeous views of the ocean. An all-inclusive resort that was not touching anything else besides the dense vegetation that isolates them from the rest of what’s near grabbed me by surprise. Are all resort this way in Puerto Rico?

- Edward L

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