Cross Tower and Sugarcane Mansion
Street of Firemen Houses
It’s been exactly a week since the arrival to Ponce and I see improvement. Not so much in terms of putting together the analysis of the relationship between resorts and its urban fabric, but more in the sense of getting to really understand and be a part of one’s culture. 

After going on the Ponce tour bus around the city, I realized there is a lot more to offer than just city hall which is where I am currently residing. The mountains include the Cross Tower and the Mansion Museum, which use to be where the owner of the sugarcane field’s house was located. A lot of history is in and around the city of Ponce like the FireMan houses along one whole street a few blocks away from city hall. The history behind that was, years ago the city of Ponce was in a big fire and a few firemen risked their lived the whole day and night in order to fight this fire and they succeeded in saving the city of Ponce. With the success, a big tribute of houses designed like firehouses were given to them as a means of respect and appreciation. 

Each day I learn something new that I did not know about this city through explorations with my camera and curious mind. I realized to really understand the design of a place; you must first start with its culture. What’s their norm? And what better way to find out than to actually be part of it, which is my plan. 

- Edward L

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