Walmart in Ponce
The Home Depot in Ponce
Everything you can dream of is real in Ponce”, as said by the local tour bus. In a sense, it is very true because I honestly dreamt of a Walmart and Home Depot to go to and what a coincidence that there are both located in the city of Ponce right next to one another. 

After shopping for hours and arriving back to the household, I started to think and came to a conclusion that Ponce, Puerto Rico is Americanized.  There are local shops in the city hall and downtown district, but if you drive around the corner you’ll see a Wendy’s, Burger King, Walmart, The Home Depot, RadioShack and many other Americanized store locations. The city is becoming more Americanized because more tourists are finding Ponce as a hotspot, which means more locals need to learn English to communicate with the tourist. Is this taking away from their local culture? It’s a hard topic to discuss being that tourism is what drives Puerto Rico’s economy. The struggle between money, wealth, and economy is in battle with the sustainability of the island’s local culture.

To end this blog entry on a better note, did you know that there are more loose dogs on the streets than there are public garbage cans? Just some food for thought. Please leave a comment if you know why that is.  

- Edward L

6/2/2012 19:54:55

There are more dogs because it's hard enough to take care of themselves so Puerto Ricans cannot afford to take care of dogs.


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