El Morro in Old San Juan
Unfortunately, these past few days I caught a fever and was not feeling at my best. The heat and climate has gotten to me and as a result my body needed to adapt to such living conditions. However, even though I was sick, I got the opportunity to go to La Guancha (The Boardwalk) of Ponce and visit El Morro in Old San Juan.

Parking in Puerto Rico is horrible, and might be even worse than New York City. The ratio for motor vehicles to people is 4:1. As my professor R. Fernandez states every person here has about 4 cars in their garage. It is almost impossible to walk to your destination here in Puerto Rico. Luckily, earlier this week I’ve got a car. Cars are everywhere in Puerto Rico. Public parking spaces on the street are always full. However what makes up for the extremely packed streets from the cars are the parking lots. Parking spaces in the lots are cheap. Rates go from 7hours for $8. These rates need to go to New York City.

La Guancha is a beautiful boardwalk full of life. Restaurants on the side with a harbor to the other. It’s a place to soak up some sun and enjoy the walk down the boardwalk only to reach the 5 story lighthouse which allows you to feel a breeze that makes you feel like you’re in Alaska when you get to the top. The view above the lighthouse combined with the breeze is like no other. A picture would do it no justice whatsoever. It is a place you need to be and experience physically. It’s a beauty.

Old San Juan was absolutely gorgeous. It took 3 hours to get there even though it’s suppose to take only 1. This was because of the mountainous route we decided to take in order to avoid tolls. Not such a great idea especially when these mountains have 3 feet drops. It was an adventure. But it was well worth it. The sunset when you stand on top of the castle is like waking up to a new day full of new beginnings with no stress in your mind. The sunset brightens the soul and makes you smile.  But after the sunset, we did not stay for long because Old San Juan is adjacent to La Pearle, a place where no tourist would like to be especially at night. After a long day of Old San Juan, we drove down to San Juan and soon went back on our journey back home to Ponce. 

- Edward L

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