Teatro La Perla
Party Hard, Work Harder. That’s what I’ve noticed this past Memorial weekend so far. During the weekdays, people work extremely hard and are on top of their jobs. After 5pm, its all about relaxing and not doing what they were doing from 9am to 5pm. The night gets lively around 9pm to 3am, in which the corner of the street from where I live is the Teatro La Perla. Crowds of people drinking and catching up with each other’s week with loud music that could be heard from blocks away.

Prior to arriving in  Ponce,  I told myself that I will only purchase items from local places in and around the surrounding community of Ponce and not buy things that were Americanized just to see if it was possible; I failed. Essentials were needed and I had no personal sort of transportation, which had me to walk to the closest stationary store that would have essential toiletries: Walgreens. I failed my own challenge. I realized it was because I was so accustomed to the American style and culture of living.

As for Resorts and my study, my pace has been slow and not much has been analyzed yet. Getting to learn more about the Puerto Rico culture and custom was a more significant factor to me this past week. By the start of next week look forward to some interesting blogs about Resort Designs, hopefully starting with the Hilton down here in Ponce. 

- Edward L


I'm sure going to American chains can also showcase how Puerto Ricans live a different lifestyle. Just like how McDonald's is not the same in every country. Don't be afraid to go to Americanized stores. Good luck and be safe!


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