Skyline of the Mountain Range
A few blocks down from my household, I’ve noticed a lot of run down areas that seem to be vacant with not much care nor attention from the people in this community. I initially called it the “ghetto”, but looking more in depth into why I realized it’s because these have been historic places in the Ponce area. Restoring them would cost too much and breaking them down would interfere with the political design agreement, where all historic places need to be kept in place. 

North of us are the rainforest, mountains, and the rural lands of Ponce. The skyline speaks for itself.  I plan to make a visit there soon enough in which I will prep myself for the mosquito attacks. 

The region of Ponce is full of history and religion. Churches, museums, plazas, urban parks, and the Parque de Bombas (firehouse) is what makes Ponce the place it is today. Architect here is very colonial with many restorations to them besides the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture, which is very contemporary. In a way, that’s what makes Ponce the tourist spot; its history. There are many tourists in Ponce, which is helpful because a lot of the locals here are bilingual allowing us to speak and communicate with them making it easy to ask for directions and just interact with the local culture here in Ponce, Puerto Rico. 

- Edward L 

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