The Household
So not much later after arriving in the household, we started compiling some trash, which got me to wonder where the trash goes and when we would move it to the front. Little did I know, that the garbage truck comes everyday at 7am and 4pm, which was very surprising to me because in Brooklyn, NY trash only comes twice a week. With the trash in the sidewalk, I’ve noticed that the sidewalks were extremely narrow. The narrow roads provide this very enclosed feeling, which doesn’t feel too welcoming. Streets are designed to be narrow here in Ponce because it is a historical area in which designing or restoring buildings and sidewalks become a very complicated process so people decide to keep it as is.

Water here in Ponce is also very distasting. It has a very strong sense of chlorine and personally the local Medalla beer taste a lot better and cleaner. While trying to settle in more in the household, I turned on some lights and the landlord informed me that the electricity here in Puerto Rico is more expensive than anything so be careful of utilizing the air conditioner. This is either going to be a hot summer with no air conditioner or an expensive cool comfortable summer with air conditioner. 

- Edward L

5/29/2012 02:11:23 pm

I hope you can find some good water because bad water can be the source of sickness. Also, don't suffocate too much. Good luck!


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